Scavengers of Death

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Vultures - Scavengers of Death is a roguelike game with elements of survival-horror, where you'll face off against fearsome zombies and monsters in strategic turn-based battles while uncovering the path to retrieve a precious lost artifact.

The game takes inspiration from the classic video game series Resident Evil on the PlayStation 1. You'll need to undertake extraction missions in the city of Salento, as your clients will request you to recover individuals, valuable items, or confidential information.

Effective resource management will be crucial for survival in this ravaged city!



Discover the history of Salento Valley following its downfall after a devastating bioterrorist attack, orchestrated by a secret cult linked to the powerful corporation Eugenesys Tech.

This game started as an experiment where we attempted to reimagine what it would be like to play a version of the classic Resident Evil games presented as a text adventure. We enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to create a more elaborate and accessible version.

Demo can be played now in Steam:


In the demo, you'll be able to test the core mechanics of the game and immerse yourself in its eerie and mysterious atmosphere. However, we still have many ideas we want to incorporate, and to achieve that, we'll need the support of Resident Evil and roguelike game enthusiasts.

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Mateo and Giovanni are a pair of friends and colleagues who have been creating games and software together for over 9 years. They stand out for crafting experimental mechanics and embracing a retro and unconventional artistic style.

Occasionally, their games incorporate touches of social and political critique, often questioning consumer society and rampant capitalism.


Find a larger version of the icon, game screenshots and gifs in the press folder:   google drive